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AmeriGlide is proud to offer the Elite Residential Elevator. This product is a true elevator and not a home lift. As with all real elevators, the Elite requires a hoistway or elevator shaft built to certain specifications and tolerances for it to be installed into your private residence.

Before starting any residential elevator project, the homeowner must be committed to finding the needed space within the existing footprint of the house and having a hoistway built; or adding a hoistway to the exterior of their home. Our smallest elevator which is 36" x 36" needs an interior finished dimension hoistway of 54" x 42". Our largest elevator, 42" x 54" requires 60" x 60". We can do many different sizes as long as the total floor space of the elevator does not exceed 15 sq. ft.

AmeriGlide strongly recommends that you hire a professional architect or design/build contracting firm to advise the best location and methods of preparing for your new home elevator. AmeriGlide does publish a full Elite Elevator Planning Guide detailing what our exact structural, electrical, pit/overhead and footprint requirements are. AmeriGlide does not offer space planning or architectural services, but we do work with your architect and contractor to make sure they understand all the technical information they must allow for in planning your new elevator.

We look forward to working with you on this journey.

  • $12,782.00
    Plus Shipping
    Reg. $21,000.00
    • Applications:
    • Capacity:
      950 lb
    • Maximum Travel Distance:
      48' 5"
    • Cab Dimensions (standard):
      36" W x 36" D, 36" W x 48" D, 48" W x 36" D
    • Cab Dimensions (optional):
      36" W x 60" D, 42" W x 54" D, Custom Sizes Available
    • Speed (per minute):
    • Drive:
      Standard Overhead Winding Drum, Optional Roped Hydraulic
    • Type:
    • Cab Heights:
      Standard: 6' 8" (80"), Optional: 7' 0" (84"), 8' 0" (96")
    • Max Landings:
    • Overhead Clearance Required:
      6' 8" cab requires 102", 7' 0" cab requires 106", 8' 0" cab requires 117"
    • Power Requirement:
      230V with 30amp circuit / 110V with 15amp circuit
    • Pit Depth:
      8" minimum, 12" recommended
    • Emergency:
      Emergency phone, emergency stop switch
    • Safety:
      Slack cable switch and wedge safeties, final limit switch, integrated interlocks, emergency stop switch. All safety features required by ASME A17.1, section 5 (National Elevator Code)